Amazing Horses and More
Prop Equipment & Movie Production Livestock
Horses and equipment for most occasions
Est. 1964
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Prop Equipment & Movie Production Livestock. Our antique equipment, Santa sleigh,
Stagecoach & all the our livestock & equipment, can be customized to your needs for company
picnics, promotions, grand openings, family reunions, commercial advertising, film production
and more.
Western Decor
Create an atmosphere for your banquet room. Dance or party. We can furnish a wide variety of
old western antiques from the wood-wheeled
vehicles, down to the ox's shoes!  We also offer select handmade pieces for sale.
Mitchell Wagon #13
Hitch Wagon #21
Green Pony Wagon
Green Farm Wagon
Chuck Wagon #12
Carriage 1885
studabaker #20
White VisaVie #15
Rebuilt Dr Buggy #14
Burgundy Columbia
Carriage #15
Black Buggy Wheel
Hitch Wagon #11
Michell Wagon Blue
Old Black Antique
Doctors Buggy #17
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2 Seater Bob Sled
Portland Cutter Sleigh
Single Seat Piano Box
Side Spring Single
Seat Runabout
Prairie Buck Board
Cutter Sleighs
Horse Collar Mirror
Wagon Wheel Table